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Welcome to the official author site of Rebekah Carroll. Here I post tips and tricks that got me on the Amazon Best Seller list when I published my first novel as well as tons of original art work and short stories. For all the latest updates and exclusive Defenders of Radiance offers Subscribe now! 


My writing portfolio for those who can't get enough of my work.


Learn how I tell my stories, and get free guidance for the most challenging aspects of writing.


See the Defenders of Radiance Universe though my original art.

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Author Bio

Rebekah Carroll is a talented fantasy author who spent six years honing her craft before releasing her debut novel "The Ajoiner Realm" of the Defenders of Radiance series. Rebekah is meticulous and a master storyteller.

Not really.

Rebekah considers herself to be merely a witness to the passions of her character than the author of them. Every twist and turn of the plot blindsided her just as much as any reader, much to the amusement of her unendingly patient--and tragically perfect--husband, Joseph.

When she's not losing exasperated arguments with her rambunctious creations, she enjoys spoiling her seven-year-old rescue German Shepherd, laughing with family, and loving her sweet-heart.


Melanie Lyn

I love the way the characters were written and the beautiful imagery that was used. The story is engaging and the characters feel like real people, not just ink on pages. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy adventure!

Top Reviews

Racheal P

Rebekah Carroll creates a beautiful dark world, using amazing imagery to describe the war between the vile monsters who are the Darkness, and General Warren Northwright, who is on a mission to his homeland: Fortitude.

The Ajoiner Realm: Defenders of Radiance is a 10 out of 10 must read - I couldn't put it down!

Benjamin Dean

Even from the first page, I could feel the strain of the different heroes as they battle the darkness both around them and within. This is Mrs. Carroll's first publication but I can say with confidence that this will not be her last. Readers who are looking to step into their next great fantasy world have found the door. I highly recommend this book and I look forward to seeing what Mrs. Carroll does in the future.

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