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Rebekah Carroll is a talented fantasy author who spent six years honing her craft before releasing her debut novel "The Ajoiner Realm" of the Defenders of Radiance series. Rebekah is meticulous and a master storyteller.

Not really.

Rebekah considers herself to be merely a witness to the passions of her character than the author of them. Every twist and turn of the plot blindsided her just as much as any reader, much to the amusement of her unendingly patient--and tragically perfect--husband, Joseph.

When she's not losing exasperated arguments with her rambunctious creations, she enjoys spoiling her seven-year-old rescue German Shepherd, laughing with family, and loving her sweet-heart.

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My Story The Long Version (Sorry Dad):

Rebekah is a wife, artist, and author with a goofy side. She's been married to her true love for three years and love having a lazy 7-year-old rescue German Shepherd. While both her husband and her dog were practically love at first sight her love of writing was not. 

Rebekah struggled with reading and writing for years. Typing was awkward, the letters didn’t make sense, and it was impossible to focus. She much preferred playing pretend and drawing what her imagination could create. In 2006, a move across the country to a tiny town in Ohio changed everything. Hearing the musings of her brother, Jason, inspired her own storytelling ideas. Those early ideas, according to Rebekah, were the most dreadful creations to vomit their way from her mind. 

In 2014, it finally made sense. While stumped by a dead plot she tried her hand at a short story. That story soon exploded with life and all other projects lost their value. Over the course of two years she scrapped together a story between high school classes and lunch breaks. Eager to learn more, she joined several writing groups, online and in person and spent the next four years honing her skills as a writer. 

Rebekah started her first semester of college at Brigham Young University in 2016 and planned to major in psychology. She still enjoyed writing, but didn’t think it would pay out well. Rebekah’s online psych 101 class was destroying her. The material didn’t make a lick of sense and she failed every quiz she took. She dropped the class with plans to retake it in person the following semester. That would never happen as she found both her husband and a new career back home.

New Year’s eve of 2017  while visiting her home state of Arizona for the holidays, she met a handsome young man who had recently returned from a two-year church mission in Yekaterinburg Russia. It was clear that he had feelings for her, and when they embraced for the first time it felt like home. They were married the following December. 

In 2018 she graduated from the Arizona School of Massage Therapy with a 3.8 GPA (micro biology still frustrates her). Within a month she landed a job working from an atlas orthogonal chiropractic office. Although she worked her hardest there, it wasn’t a good fit and she was let go. 

For the following year and a half at a integrated medical office as a senior massage therapist until being able to launch her own private practice massage business from her home.


She spends her free time spoiling her rescue dog Berlin, laughing with family, and pouring her heart into her writing and artwork.


I love having my brain picked about anything related to authorship. If my blog didn't answer your question then ask me directly and let's figure it out together!

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